Glossary of Filipino Terms

supot ni Hudas: Judas’ money bag

aswang: witch or witches

banig: a cool mat made of palm leaves

baul: a native trunk made of wood; the baul of poor people are made of plain wood, only the rich folk being able to afford ones with carved designs

bolos: large, single-edged knives

carabao: water buffalo

condensada: condensed milk, a very thick and very sweet variant of cow’s milk that may also include coconut milk

dalaga: an unmarried woman

edukada: an educated woman

intelektwal: intellectual

jefe: chief, adapted from the Spanish

Ka: an address of respect; also considered a short term for “kasama” or tenant

kapitan del barangay: chief of the barangay, a government unit equivalent to a barrio, instituted during the martial law years.

katol: a mosquito killer with a spiral shape

komadrona: a midwife, usually unlicensed

maestra: teacher, also adapted from the Spanish

munisipyo: municipal hail

nuno sa punso: according to Filipino superstition, a strange, tiny creature who lives in an anthill

parang ikaw”: “like you” (“Talagang parang ikaw”: “Just like you”)

pulitiko: politician

tanod: guard

tikbalang: a gigantic creature with the head of a horse and the body of a man, which smokes cigars and lives atop trees.

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