Oh Lord, my nation!

The Philippine Flag

I couldn't write about this immediately as I had to process it in my mind as usual, but last Sunday something very unusual, to my mind, happened.  It was after the service, and I felt light from the praise and worship, having shed some tears of joy over the love of my Maker, so I moved towards two brothers in Christ who were at the hallway talking.  As I came near them, I blurted out happily, not knowing what to say, "Ay, may Sagip-Bansa tayo a!", referring to the nationwide 24/7 prayer vigil for national transformation sponsored by the Intercessors for the Philippines, Bangon Pilipinas, and five other Christian organizations.

I did not expect the reaction.  "A, oo," snifffed one, his eyebrows almost imperceptibly moving to a frown as he started to move away.  "Harumph," I thought I heard the other one say noiselessly, as his smile turned downward and he too walked away.

I was shocked, I must admit.  These two men had been solidly behind Bro. Eddie in the election campaign.  One of them seemed to me to be his adviser; he had even taken to attending board meetings of Bangon Pilipinas as late as two months ago.  The other headed a Bangon Pilipinas group, and both were from Bro. Eddie's church.  I had met them during the campaign.

Perhaps they did not know what Sagip-Bansa is.  Perhaps they thought it was something meant to push people into the streets.  On the contrary, Sagip-Bansa is meant to appeal to the Lord to move against the twin evils of corruption and poverty, firm as its founders are in the belief that only the Lord's power, and no other power, could change the country.  So what's wrong with prayer?

But what bothered me was that ignorance may not have been the reason why these two men snubbed my cause.  What bothered me was that I sensed their reaction as symptomatic of the state of the nation itself.  I have begun to feel that the people, the ordinary people, whether masa or not, who have never felt sufficient love for their country in the first place, are quietly walling up, trying to avoid all talk of the nation's situation, silently escaping the nation's fate.  It's like they're saying, Oh goodness gracious, we've had enough of that, let's move on with our own lives, to hell with politics, to hell with the economy, I'd rather save my own skin in Jesus' name.

Am I right?  If so, then I am also right in pursuing even more vigorously the call to fast and pray.  I tell you, even if I am the last person left on earth to pray for the country (which of course will never happen), I will do it, because I know that with great faith comes God's greater grace and mercy.  I have known people to change whom I have prayed for though I never met them first hand.  Now I will begin to know a country that will change in a day because God so willed it, and loved it, and honored my fast for the sake of His greater glory.

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